412 Dekalb Street Property Profile
Class A Space Buildings with Private Parking Available
a block from the Montgomery County Courthouse
412 DeKalb Street
Norristown, PA 19401
p 610.275.3300 / f 610.278.6866

412 Dekalb Street is available!

We are looking for a tenant to occupy both buildings and have the parking lot located in the rear of the 412 DeKalb property. The buildings have 6,702 SF Rentable and 3,763 SF for Storage. In 2000, we totally renovated the buildings to provide today's amenities and kept the integrity of the architecture intact. We have voice and data run through most of the walls instead of mounted on the walls with wall moulding, 4 zones for heating and cooling plus 2 split systems, 5 restrooms with 2 of them having shower stalls, a hookup for washer/dryer, Two (2) Kitchens, one with dishwasher and coffee hookup, exterior lighting around the entire perimeter, parking pole lights both on timers, camera at front door entrance of 412 DeKalb Street, Boardroom that seats 14 that is all faux finished with the original brass light fixtures that were restored, library with millwork on all walls fully restored, Cable for Comcast is in the building, Verizon, Security system that is centrally monitored both for fire and theft, 4 fire places that add to the charm of the high ceilings and elaborate moldings throughout, and much more.

We are willing to negotiate the furnishings as part of the rental as well as some of the computers and printers. It would be a turnkey solution/location that anyone wanting to operate a business/practice right away, could. We are also open to offering space plan layouts for the prospective tenant to be able to see the space utilized with their program, provide new carpeting & a fresh coat of interior painting.

Class A Space | 2 Buildings + Parking Lot | 6,702 SF Rentable + 3,763 SF for Storage